Tuesday, January 31, 2006

college and why it is important not to blow it

I just realized that I wasted three and a half years on the wrong bachelor's degree. I could have studied ANYTHING I wanted and I chose a BULLSHIT major that came with VERY LITTLE TECHNICAL KNOWLEDGE. This makes me very upset.

I want to go back to school. I don't know how all the obnoxious 40 year olds do it because I already feel too old. PLUS I have bachelor's already so who the hell is going to pay for this??

On to write a screenplay. Every film student's answer to depression and hopelessness.

Things my screenplay could be about:
A movie theatre
A dance studio
A band
A group of aimless friends
People graduationg college and wasting their lives
A restaurant
Rich fucking bastards
Nice rich people
A big manor full of crazy British people
An artistic getaway

I like the last idea... only because I thought of it before now and there's a lot more in my head than those three words. But God forbid the one time I have a decent idea I crap it away by sharing it on the internet! I'm off to a less public word processor.

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