Saturday, February 24, 2007

NYC Comic Con

Yeah, so I went to the Comic Con, what of it? It was only one day. I enjoyed walking around amongst the displays, stores, artists, writers, and fans. I did not enjoy being hit in the shoulder by everyone's overstuffed backpack. What is it with you people? Have you no concept of how much space you occupy at any given time? Do any of you DRIVE CARS? I sincerely hope not. I got pissier and pissier each time someone did a double take or decided to pull a U-y in the middle of a high traffic area, because each time I got knocked. I hate people.

These were the two stands I liked the most, other than the Dark Horse, and Hellboy animated stands that gave out posters...

Dumbrella- They had an enticing table that was mobbed by emo teeny boppers- usually not a good sign, but I guess you can't hold it against them that the teeny-boppers seem to be developing better taste. I went to their site and their blog is awesome (i.e. it sounds as if I wrote it)- they are a collection of comic makers with different books and shirts. Fun stuff.

VooDooBabies!- Oh man. I know I was taught that voodoo was wrong, evil, and horrible... but these guys are so damn cute. And there is a disclaimer in regards to their voodoo powers (or lack thereof). Basically this is just plain good craftsmanship and utter cuteness. I could not walk by without buying three of them. And of course my ultimate goal is to collect them ALL. For some reason I am intent on attaching them to the strings of lights that use strings to turn on and off.

So it wasn't a totally horrible nerd experience... but please, everyone, just leave your backpack at home. You weren't all going to a slumber party afterwards, and all that was in there were smelly hoodies and coats, I'm sure. Darn you all.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


The internet is an amazing place, so I just wanted to let everyone know I am missing my class ring. It has most likely gotten misplaced in my filthy house, but there is always the slim chance that I lost it on the street... being that it's not very useful to anyone but a '04 Ithaca College graduate with a b.s. in cinema and photo- the person who finds it might look for me- perhaps online.

so here's my attempt to come up on top of such a search.

Rachel M. Robinson went to Ithaca College for Cinema and Photo, graduating in 2004 with a B.S in Cinema & Photo. She lost her class ring in New York City on the upper East side and she works in the 30's near Penn Station. The ring is silver (white gold) with a blue stone.


Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Top Astronaut- tonight at 8/7 Central

With the latest developments of the weird "love triangle" astronaut kidnap/murder case, I'd like to suggest a new direction for the space program- reality television. It has come to my attention that scientists, though they appear so self-effacing and do-gooderish in the news and the papers, have just as massive egos as any other professionals. Astronauts must have some of the biggest of the bunch considering they have to go through all that psychological evaluation before they can even enter their profession. But has this been awarded in the past- no. I think it's time. I want to see The Real World...In Space! I'd like to see a zero-gravity Survivor. I'd like to see Top Powdered Astronaut Food Chef. I think the rest of the world is with me.

You have to wonder if the price of a reality television is comparable to the price of a large, sophisticated rocket. I need some internet whiz kid to find those figures for me. How many reality TV travesty's would we have to combine to make one season of Vh1 SpaceCelebReality?

Also I would like to note that the New York Times article about the crazy astronaut lady was definitely lacking. But in the end one crime expert did say that it was odd that the lady was so prepared, having brought pepper spray, a pistol, rubber hose, plastic and duct tape. He said it was completely unique for a female crime, only men usually plan ahead.


...excuse me? Females not planning their crimes? Hello... some girls don't even leave the house without changes of clothing for every worst-case scenario that is statistically possible... You're saying that these same girls, when driven to commit acts of violence, just lose all that "be prepared" and become commiters of random crimes of passion?? No no no nononoonono.

I think that many more females have gotten away with crimes than we know.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

maple cheddar heart attack

I know it's going to sound really obvious to all of everyone but me...but if you go to a Dunkin Donuts anytime soon, do yourself a favor and DO NOT GET THE CHEDDAR, SAUSAGE, MAPLE, CROISSANT SADWICH. That's right, folks- SADwich. It's about 700 calories of painful, oozy grease. Not wonderful and delightful like the pictures make it seem.

But don't worry, I took the fall for you, and now you don't have to feel compelled to get it just to see what it's like. Or just because you easily break under the pressure of the advertisements of your favorite establishments.

I love Dunkin- but SAVE YOURSELF.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Still don't know what the title means...

So I decided to read A Clockwork Orange so that I could act as if I knew more about the movie, which I haven't seen for a quite some time. It was a good read, a lot of fun. It makes you wonder if you are a special sort of person to be able to easily get a grasp of the funky future slang the narrator uses throughout the book. I do know some people who said they couldn't get through it, but I think those people read with a much more focused and demanding eye than I do. I just like to gloss- to get the feeling and the idea. To glaze over and not realize that I'm reading at all. It's as if the book is just sending me the message telepathically.

The worst is when you stumble during this kind of reading, and then start thinking about how strange it all is. It's really hard to start back up again. All of the sudden you're staring at each individual word and they don't seem to make sense because when you reach the last word you can't remember what the beginning of the sentence said. I hate when this happens. Readers block.

Anyway, about the book. It was great. The movie was a pretty true adaptation, except the movie ditches the last chapter. You should go to the library and read the last chapter- then you can tell everyone your read the book.