Wednesday, December 13, 2006


#1 Thing I am ashamed of today:
I was crossing a big street and an ambulance was blaring down it. The crossing guard (traffic aid) started tooting his whistle frantically. I did not pick up the pace. I was too busy worrying about not getting an extra job this Christmas.

#2 Thing I am ashamed of today:
I didn't get hired for an easy job that didn't even require a college education. I slumped out on the group interview and dumbed myself down to the level of the most unqualified candidate in the room. On purpose? Subconsciously? To be nice? Excuses! There is no excuse. I did a bad job. Blah.

On a lighter note, I have picked the "mega-ball" correctly for 2 games in a row now. You know, kids, maybe there will be a Christmas after all!

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