Thursday, March 15, 2007

Victor Hugo eludes me no more

"Sileto et spera"

Be silent and hope. Latin written over the door of the
seigniorial mansion of Tourville. Thanks to THIS BLOG HERE I have finally located the text of my next tattoo. It was translated in a footnote of my old and now lost edition of The Hunchback of Notre Dame, and at the time my room was beige (barf) so I used to pencil things in on my walls, out of books and songs. Then we painted the room and years later I was left wishing I were still smart enough to at least have taken a picture of the wall. Oh well. And I was right, the text was nice looking. There are many translations of everything, and trying to put it together myself got me things like "Obticeas et expectas" ... just not as pretty. So wow. My mission is accomplished. $100 or so dollars later and I might have a real nice tat. Where to put it??

Also, mentioning weird coincidences between blog authors, there were definitely some Paul Simon phrases penciled onto my wall, and low and behold the title of the blog I found this on was a line from "Call me Al" (I think)...

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