Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Some Ways to Spend too Much time accomplishing little to Nothing

#1. Read some humorous blogs.

#2. Write a to-do list. Stare at your to-do list. PRIORITIZE your to-do list (this involves a re-write). Get to work on your to-do list, making sure disregard the order you have placed things in and instead do them in the order they are most fun/convenient for you.

#3. Give away your best ideas, preferably to people who have more time and energy to accomplish them. For instance instead of simply adapting the the LucasArts game Secret of Monkey Island to a full length feature feature film, I'm going to blog about it in an open and public forum for anyone who googles "monkey" to see. It's nice if you give them hints at the sheer greatness of your idea (Shia Labeouf as Guybrush Threepwood -hello?)

#4. Isn't there a pet somewhere you're supposed to be feeding? This includes Tamogachis. And yes, you should go pick up that watch battery. You know you've been thinking about it.

#5. Contract an illness. If I had known how to document things in third grade then I would have been able to prove that this is actually easier said than done.

#6. Update your twitter. Make sure that you make allusions that none of your followers would understand. If your parents follow you - swear a lot.

#7. Be less consistant with your daily spelling and punctuation.

To be continued...

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ange la said...

yep. def a good list. a great one, in fact, i would say ..