Thursday, September 17, 2009


I don't like it.

But here is a list of my reps and a copy of a letter I'm sending them all. If you're my neighbor, you can send these peeps letters too! I'm emailing them to save trees, though it would help the US Postal Service if I wrote them physical letters. Do you think a letter makes a bigger impact than an email? Hmmm....

Hello *gov person's name*,

I am just writing to express my feelings about the importance of wired broadband access for people in rural communities.

I work for a company located in Ossining, NY and I am supposed to be able to perform my job from home, but instead I rent office space from a kindhearted homeowner in the center of town.

My parents recently moved to Pleasant Brook, NY. My father has worked from home for a company in NYC for over 20 years. There is not one viable internet option at his new home, and he is also looking for office space in a nearby town.

Wireless broadband carriers are viable for casual internet users, but they impose caps on how much data one can transfer. Only with fiber-optic broadband services will there be adequate telecommuting capabilities in rural upstate New York. The introduction of cabled broadband services would also promote a healthy competition between providers that would benefit the general public.

Thank you for your time,
Rachel Robinson

So there's the message. I just sort of made it up on the spot. I feel that an elaborate amount of word-smithing might make me sound less middle-Americy. I first sent it to my congressman, Mike Arcuri. Next I looked up my senator, James L. Seward. They have pretty fly websites because they're higher up... Wonder what it's going to be like trying to get in touch with the people on the county levels?


I just got a great idea. I'm going to start a new blog and sign up for all my reps email updates with the email address that posts things directly to my blog. I'm a genius. Then I can review my local matters and actually know what the hell is going on in this state.

I'll post that link later and if you're local you can follow my NYS rural politics blog. Werd.

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