Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Top Astronaut- tonight at 8/7 Central

With the latest developments of the weird "love triangle" astronaut kidnap/murder case, I'd like to suggest a new direction for the space program- reality television. It has come to my attention that scientists, though they appear so self-effacing and do-gooderish in the news and the papers, have just as massive egos as any other professionals. Astronauts must have some of the biggest of the bunch considering they have to go through all that psychological evaluation before they can even enter their profession. But has this been awarded in the past- no. I think it's time. I want to see The Real World...In Space! I'd like to see a zero-gravity Survivor. I'd like to see Top Powdered Astronaut Food Chef. I think the rest of the world is with me.

You have to wonder if the price of a reality television is comparable to the price of a large, sophisticated rocket. I need some internet whiz kid to find those figures for me. How many reality TV travesty's would we have to combine to make one season of Vh1 SpaceCelebReality?

Also I would like to note that the New York Times article about the crazy astronaut lady was definitely lacking. But in the end one crime expert did say that it was odd that the lady was so prepared, having brought pepper spray, a pistol, rubber hose, plastic and duct tape. He said it was completely unique for a female crime, only men usually plan ahead.


...excuse me? Females not planning their crimes? Hello... some girls don't even leave the house without changes of clothing for every worst-case scenario that is statistically possible... You're saying that these same girls, when driven to commit acts of violence, just lose all that "be prepared" and become commiters of random crimes of passion?? No no no nononoonono.

I think that many more females have gotten away with crimes than we know.

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