Monday, April 13, 2009

Bad time management at work (Twitter's fault)

So I am supposed to be close captioning the world's longest and most echo-y meeting. I elected myself to do this for the extra money but it is soooo haaaard to not fall asleep.

I haven't written in a while, though I've taken many showers where I come up with a great blog idea that I just know I'll pursue with reckless fervor once I'm dry.

But once I'm dry I have real world work to do. On computers. Which really makes me hate computers. Especially laptops. I hate my laptop. I need a desktop so that I can stop channeling so much bad energy into my poor laptop that now wants to install Roxio Media Manager every friggin time I start the damn thing up and it takes about five minutes to shut that process down and recover from whatever evil Roxio-based power that is gripping my processor.

Even now I've forgotten why I started this post.




Oh yeah. I am starting a podcast. I don't know when I will officially launch because I'm a very traditional "I'm my harshest critic" type person and I doubt that I will find anything I do worthy of the bandwidth. However I am going to rope friends into this with me so there. I'll end up posting our podcasts just for the secret joy of making them look stupid.

No, that's not true. I think that most of my friends are very good speakers, and when we go out we get almost too enraptured by our own speaking talent and wherever we go becomes a sort of traveling **** and Rachel show.

A podcast is the next obvious step in this evolution.

Don't tell Amber I mentioned evolution.

Also I came up with the idea (which might have been done) of the "Twinterview". I tweet now (which is somewhat embarrassing) and I was thinking a nice way to hone my interview skills would be to do short interviews with people I follow. Then I make them a little pop-up page with my podcast graphic and their twitter icon, a link to the audio and a short description of why they are interesting enough to be interviewed. I would then provide them with the link to the pop-up page and they can put it in their profile or wherever else they want it, or start litigation with designs to have me remove it from the interweb forever- whatev.

The purpose of these interviews would be professional promotion more than exploring the depths of their souls or political views or other smut like that which is best kept to a nice tight Twitter 140.

Who knows. Maybe I'll get other followers that want me to follow them so that they can get a nice Twinterview page and a permanent home on my as-of-yet nonexistent Twinterview blog.

Or maybe it will just be good audio for my next experimental film where I have a plan but then I knock the camera over and my actors go home early and I end with oblique footage of my mom petting her daschund in the shadows of a large picture window.

All this fun creativity and I have to go back to transcribing a budget committee meeting. *Spew*

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