Wednesday, April 22, 2009

OH Fest... no, sorry this isn't really an Oneonta blog entry...

My boyfriend want's me to be friends with EVERYBODY... barring sociopaths and Nazis, I'm sure... we haven't really talked about that specific scenario. He also wants me to stop wasting my time with hypothetical situations.

I only want to befriend bright, bitter, intelligent, jaded people who write me emails like this:

"I'm going to Oneonta after work on Friday to see my favorite band in the entirety of creation (wow that's lofty) MewithoutYou. Yes, *** Name Omitted*** will be there. Yes her boyfriend's band is opening for them. Yes, I may have to talk to her or make uncomfortable conversation. But MAYBE I'll just bum a cigarette off of my friend Jon who's also coming and smoke outside after the show and make her feel so awkward at seeing my sin that she doesn't bother to acknowledge me. I have yet to decide."

So the rest of you can fuck off...
(Don't tell Joe I wrote that)

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